when you are around pisces it feels like you are incased by them, as if their presence seeps into the auric field of the whole room, and they are in front, beside and behind you, all encompassing and warm. it is a little moment of peace if you are conscious. an invitation home. its really like the rainbow pisces frequency instantly reaches out and joins to other souls by his silver cord (band tying the two fish together)

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Orcas - Tysfjord, Norway

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Yaaaaaaaaaaas Raven!!! 😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍✨🙌

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The Limited Collaborates with Kerry Washington to Produce Olivia Pope-inspired Clothing Collection.

If you’re a fan of Scandal or if you’ve coveting the flawless professionally chic style of Kerry Washington’s “fierce and fabulous” fictional character Olivia Pope, thanks to this new collection by retail brand The Limited, you’ll soon be able to shop and style yourself in her likeness.

In just a few days, September 23rd to be exact, the 78-piece range designed in collaboration with Washington will be available for purchase and has a seemingly affordable price range. Pieces are priced between $49 to $250.

Watch a promo video for the collection here.

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So, my new wardrobe.

I need all 78 items

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👯⚪️Twinsies at @Porsche⚪️👯New York City. Photo by @BFA_NYC #soundofporsche

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